True Crime Tuesday: Shele Danishefsky

At Any Cost: A Father’s Betrayal, a Wife’s Murder, and a Ten-Year War for Justice by Rebecca Rosenberg

Shele Danishefsky was, by all accounts, a good person. A loving and doting mother. A powerhouse in her chosen career of finance. A loyal friend. A faithful Jew. A beloved daughter and sister. Her murder was a tragedy that didn’t just end her life, but effected the lives of all those people attached to her–none more so than her two young children.

Rosenberg details Shele’s life, the lives of her children, and the evolution of her marriage, which ended–by all accounts and evidence–the night her husband took her life.

In exploring this case Rosenberg focuses on the lives. The life of Shele Danishefsky that was lost, and the lives of all those connected to her that changed indelibly. Rather than focus on gruesome details or gratuitous criminality, At Any Cost, explores the questions and events leading up to this story’s tragic end and the perseverance of Shele’s family.

In addition to witness accounts, court transcripts, news articles, and interviews, Rosenberg makes an effort to reach out to each party involved in this case (some who’ve chosen not to be involved with this project) and tries to prevent the facts of the case clearly, accurately, and in their appropriate contexts.

Read it? Adding it to your TBR? Let me know in the comments or talk to me on Goodreads!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I received an ARC of this book from St. Martin’s Press.


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